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Every event has a goal, whether it be to raise funds, bring people together, promote a brand, or entertain a massive audience. At Crew Supply, we help event production companies achieve their goals by providing highly skilled labour to supplement their full-time staff in the set-up, operation and dismantle of events. Our services are listed below.

Employee Search


We are continually growing our database of crew members, from specialized technicians to general labour. All crew members are evaluated and assigned to tasks based on skill level and capabilities.

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We will work with your team to fully understand the labour requirements for your event. We take a team approach to planning the right crew that fits your needs and keep you well informed throughout the process.

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We handle all contract labour-related paperwork and administrative tasks, saving you time and money. We carry general liability insurance and pay crew members in a timely manner.

We build the right crew for your event.

Why Crew Supply


At Crew Supply we focus on building the right crew to match the technical and general labour needs of our clients. You receive a customized crew tailored to your event.


You can count on crew members that are well-prepared and capable of meeting the skill level and responsibilities of their assigned tasks, from stagehands, to lighting designers and camera operators, to project managers.


Our value is in the processes and procedures we have put in place to ensure a positive working relationship. We take a proactive approach to planning and remain flexible during events, ready to react to any arising situation.


Flawless execution requires more than just bodies. Taking the hassle out of procuring and managing third-party labour that is both efficient and effective is what gives our clients the peace of mind they deserve.

Serving Toronto's growing events industry.

About Us

Crew Supply is a technical and production staffing company serving the live events and corporate audio visual industries in Toronto and the GTA. We take a team approach to planning the right crew that fits our clients’ needs.

Our goal is to partner with our clients, understand their production needs in terms of freelance labour and build a long-term working relationship.  The end result – a solution that works for everyone, including end-clients, venue managers, full-time staff, and all other stakeholders.

On the employee side, we value our technicians and contractors. Being techs ourselves, we know the frustrations that come along with freelancing, but also the benefits such as flexibility and endless opportunities.  We live by the well known golden rule: Treat others the same way you want them to treat you. After all, happy employees lead to better crews.

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